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Music and the Knish War

During the knish war in 1916 the two knisheries featured music as attraction...this is from The Mediator, a newspaper of the day, reporting on the events:

" Morris bought a phonograph and advertised music with knishes. Max retained the services of a German band and hung up a sign reading, "Music Free Every Evening." Morris reinforced his staff with a ladies' orchestra and built a platform for it in the back of his shop. He also introduced what is popularly known as "singink." Do you think a singink was a kind of Karaoke?

The idea of music inspired me to add some musical ads for the windows of my book...

We couldn't use all of here are some more outtakes...

Delicious knishes , a glaze-a-la tea

Come & enjoy, the music is free

At the piano whatever your wish is

Hear Berlin or Gershwin and enjoy our knishes!

Choose three knishes — We’ll throw in the tea.

Dine on a dime — The music is free!

and then there was this one to go with a poster for the window...

Three Knishes with a Glass of Tea

Caruso sings tonight—The music is free!

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