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The Prince's Breakfast

The Prince's Breakfast cover

In a sequel to the "Prince’s Bedtime" I was channeling my own 5-year old finicky eater self. Some in my family would say I have not changed that much, but that is only because they never saw me sit with mouth clenched refusing to even take a taste of any number of things. Making a book on the subject seemed like a perfect excuse for traveling the world. Finding an acceptable ending was harder than coming up with things to reject. The solution came from my editor and works for the book, though one of my granddaughters only eats white food…no green, reds or orange.  As a loyal "Downton Abbey" fan, I was thrilled when the publisher issued an edition with a CD narrated by Hugh Bonneville.

"The little prince is a finicky eater whose royal parents will do anything to get him to eat and grow.  Hugh Bonneville (of Downton Abbey fame) narrates with a delightful array of voices and accents for the various characters, accompanied by fun background music and sound effects."  —School Library Journal

Two-year old, Mr. Miles, sometimes known as the Dude, our first great grandchild, reading The Prince's Breakfast to his mom. "Coffee," he says. Such a clever child. He knows what breakfast is about for his mom and his GG.

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