• Joanne Oppenheim

Knishes Found at the Tenement Museum!

It's true! We stopped at the Tenement Museum Bookstore on Orchard Street yesterday and had a happy surprise!

Smack dab center on the long table of picture books—The Knish War On Rivington Street! It was so busy I did not try to talk to the manager and offer to sign them. I'll go back and do that on a less busy day. It's one of those bookstores filled with temptations; so many books about old New York, immigrant life, and a history that our first generation parents didn't talk about much. They were assimilated Americans...they did not want to look back but always forward. One day soon, I do want to do the Tenement Museum Tour, if I can handle the steep steps and while I'm there, maybe they will want those books signed (if they still have them) and then we'll stop at Yonah Schimmel's knishery...or Katz's.

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