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  • Joanne Oppenheim

My Two Minutes at JBC

Did my two minute sales pitch at the Jewish Book Council's Meet the Author event yesterday. Not many children's authors were on the program - but lots of interesting adult books. Hoping to hear from some of the JBC's that do family programs and book fairs. The Knish War on Rivington Street is often as big a hit with parents as it is with kids..and who doesn't love a knish tasting party after it?

Two minutes to tell all about several years of really a challenge. I don't really feel like many people there met me...or my funny book with equally funny back stories. I was told to address the audience as if I was speaking to children. I did that, but it felt strange to me and I think maybe to the audience, too.

Among other things, I forgot to say the book has been honored as a Sydney Taylor Notable Book 2018, was a PJ Library selection, was selected by Tablet Magazine's Best Jewish Children's Books of 2018, and won the Guides of NYC Apple Award for Fiction.

I'm hoping that some of the folks who were there will check out my website pages and blogs about the book, enjoy reading the book itself, and consider doing some family programs, like the ones I did at Eldridge Street Museum and the New York Historical Society.

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