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Missed Mail

My morning started with an accidental finding...old, old emails just popped up when I opened my computer. I started deleting until I came upon a lovely note from Oct, 2008, that should have been included with the reviews of Stanley Hayami, Nisei Son. I've added it to the Hayami pages and I publish it here with thanks:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Stanley Hayami, Nisei Son". His writings and especially his drawings gave a powerful insight into his thoughts and character. I knew from the cover that Hayami would be KIA, and yet I wept at the end when you told the reader of Hayami’s death. I agree with Roger[Daniels] that your contribution was much more than just annotating Hayami’s work. You did an excellent job of providing historical context. Let me know if you ever want to do a book event in Seattle. I would like Densho to support.

Tom Ikeda, Executive Director, Densho: Japanese American Legacy Project

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