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Booklist's Scrumptious Review

"Oy vey! Benny’s family has been selling scrumptious knishes—baked round dumplings filled with onions, cheese, and potatoes—since the family moved to America. But now the Tisch family has moved to Rivington Street on New York’s Lower East Side, with a knish store of their own. Bad enough the Tisch knish is square instead of round, but they’re selling it for a penny cheaper! So begins the knish war, which really happened in 1916. Oppenheim puts her own spin on the story, capturing all the humor of warring families cutting the cost of their knishes, handing out coupons, and fighting over every crumb. Davis’ watercolor illustrations emphasize the fun, the crowds, and the sly undercutting, until the mayor of New York enters the fray and solves the problem. Both tale and art (with neatly evocative costuming) bring readers back to the turn of the last century, but this story, with its keen observation of human nature, feels very much of today. A welcome jaunt that will be fun to share with young listeners." Booklist Online on 7/25

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