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A teacher's guide to using the Knish War in your classroom.

My good friend, Jean Marzollo, the author of many wonderful books, including the well loved series of I Spy books, recently read The Knish War on Rivington Street and wrote to say that

I needed to do a teacher's guide. Of course, as a former early childhood teacher, I planned to do that. Teachers who read this book will know it's not just a funny story. It's about competition and the big idea that there can be more than one kind of good...not everything ( or everyone) has to be the best.

You'll find a downloadable guide on the publisher's site. I'll be adding more ideas of Jean's and mine on another stay tuned. To download the manual on Albert Whitman's site please click here and you'll need to scroll all the way down on that page to find the link in the grey box. I hope it will be helpful!

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