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Benny and Solly, my special Budsies!

Today, my two worlds collided in a delightful way. Weeks ago, wearing my toy reviewer hat for, I received a doll in the mail designed from a child’s drawing, a PR package from, a company that creates soft plush dolls from your child’s pictures or photos of your family pet or if you like, from a photo of someone you know. I loved the idea and the quality of the reproduction. My new book arrived at about the same time and I instantly knew I had the perfect props for story hours I would be doing in the fall. Well, fall has arrived and so have Solly and Benny, the boys in my Knish War on Rivington Street. Note the details…Benny holds a baked knish and Solly has a fried knish. These boys will be with me for all my library and museum visits.Be sure to take a look at for a unique gift from your child’s art or the family pooch.

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